Pre weddings are fun. Over the past decade, pre-wedding shoots in India has evolved very much. Before you are caught up in the chaos of your wedding, Pre-wedding shoot is a good time to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera with each other and also with the photographer.

While planning the shoot one of the most important things is to choose a best location for pre wedding shoot. A good place provides a beautiful and comfortable environment for the couple and gives a wonderful backdrop also. When choosing a location, the first thing you should consider is that it should be decided together, you and your partner should like that place. It will bring out the relaxed and happy side of you as a couple. If you are looking for the ideal spot for your memorable pre-wedding shoot in Indore, then let us take you to the most amazing pre-wedding locations in Indore…

It is a very popular and beautiful park for pre wedding photo shoot location in Indore. If You want to shoot near the lake or in lush green, Regional Park can be a perfect place for your pre-wedding shoot.

Unique features of this park include-


2)Mist Fountain

3)Lake viewpoint

4)french Gardens

You can get into the boat to take stunning pictures with the backdrop of the lake or take advantage of the mist fountain to bring magical touch in your pictures.

You can also take a few pictures at lake view Point with the lake in the background.

Charge:- The charge for the pre-wedding shoot in the Regional Park is 1000/- Rs. You have to take a special ticket for pre-wedding shoots.

If you are one of those couples who is looking for a location for pre wedding shoot and who likes the charm of old structures, then this can be perfect pre-wedding locations in Indore for you.

Krishna Pura chhatri is a beautiful place with excellent Maratha- style architectural design. You can wear some ethnic wear to create some great memories. Don’t forget to take good pictures of the doms of this beautiful place.

Charges:- Free

Lalbagh is one of the most popular pre-wedding locations in Indore. It is a fantastic palace that was constructed in the 19th century. If you want to bring an old charm in your pictures you should definitely consider this place. Royal looking dresses will add beauty to your pictures in this place. The High ceilings will add a royal touch to your pictures.

The unique features of this pre wedding shoot location are-

1) The Grand Entrance- The main gate of this palace is similar to the Buckingham palace which is in London. The gates of this palace are unique in Asia.

2) Rose garden

3)The Grand Ballroom

Charges:- The charge for the pre-wedding shoot in the Lalbagh is 50/- Rs.

This place is a unique destination for a pre-wedding shoot. It offers a splendid venue by the poolside. It is located in the Ralamandal wildlife sanctuary of Indore. This place is loaded with plenty of beautiful wooden houses and a swimming pool which gives a beautiful appeal to the pictures.

Colorful dresses will bring a magical impact on the pictures.

Charge:- The charge for the pre-wedding shoot in the Regional Park is 1500/- Rs pre hour.

If you want a royal look in your pre-wedding photographs then what can be better than The Grand Bhagwati it is among the best pre wedding photoshoot venue.

The Grand Bhagwati is one of the finest hotels in Indore. The Grand Bhagwati is situated at Bypass, Mayakhedi, near Omaxe city-1, very near to Vijay Nagar square.

It is located on 8.62 acres and has beautiful gardens and banquet hall, the most unique architecture and splendorous decor. If you are planning to do your pre-wedding shoot here then your experience here is bound to be memorable.

Charge:- The charge for the pre-wedding shoot in The Grand Bhagwati is 25,000/- Rs.

This resort is known for luxurious relaxation. It is located on a new bypass road offshore on Indore-Bhopal national highway.

Pre-wedding shoot at Crescent resort will give you unbeatable variety in pictures.

Long dresses for the bride to be and Formals for the groom to be will suit the best for pictures on this location.

Charge:- The charge for the pre-wedding shoot in The Crescent Resort is 25,000/- Rs.

Lotus valley is a self forested place surrounded by eucalyptus and bamboo trees. It also has small ponds with beautiful Lotus which adds beauty to this place. You can get into the boat and get a variety of pictures with the majestic backdrop of blooming lotuses. If you are a couple who wants pre-wedding shoot at the natural place, you can consider this place.

Charge:- The charge for the pre-wedding shoot in Gulawat is around 500-1000/- Rs. The local village authority takes some charges for maintaining the place.


If you want to bring ancient touch in your photographs Mandu will surely fit your taste as a pre-wedding location in Indore.

Mandu is a small city that includes Jahaz mahal, Rani Roopmati Mahal, and many more beautiful places.

Dress up in an Ethnic way, it will match with the brilliant backdrop.

Charge:- Free

This place is filled with ancient temples and rivers. It is 91 km from Indore and is situated on the banks of river Narmada. There are various places is in Maheshwar which will give you beautiful backdrops for your pre-wedding pictures such as-

-Narmada Ghat

-Ek Mukhi Datta temple

-Ahilyabai palace and fort

-Ankleshwar temple


Charge:- The charge for the pre-wedding shoot in Maheshwar is around 6000/- Rs.

Situated on the lap of nature, Janapav can be a good option for your pre-wedding shoot. Visit itself will provide you with wonderful memories. Beautiful clouds and lush green all over are the most popular and can be the perfect backdrop for your pictures. Early morning shoot will be the best time to shoot here.

Charge:- Free

If you want the backdrop of waterfall Pataalpani can be a good option for you. The beauty of this place is only during the monsoons. In terms of amenities, there are not many things, but if scenic beauty is your thing, this is a must-see. There are no entry charges here.

Charge:- Free

This is also one of the famous waterfalls near Indore. It is approximately 25 km from is a very high waterfall and surrounded by some awesome views. You can capture some good photographs there and also can enjoy the seasonal fruits after the shoot.

Charge:- Free

Fagun restaurant offers some very beautiful backdrops that could be a pre wedding photoshoot locations near me and also a very good ambiance for the couple. You can take pictures by the fountain side or use the backdrop of a small bridge. The background of huts can bring a magical impact on the pictures.

It is approximately 55 km far from Indore. Early morning and sunset both are the perfect time for a photoshoot monsoon season visiting this place is complete bliss. For perfect click, you can take advantage of green valleys and clouds. The pictures at the gate will give the historical charm to your photoshoot.

For the couple who is investing a lot on their wedding day and do not want to spend very much in the pre-wedding shoot, this can be a good option. This garden is full of greenery and shades of trees and also has beautiful misty fountains. Both ethnic and western dresses will go with this location. It is within the city area so if you do not want to go very far from the city area this can be a good option for your pre-wedding shoot.

currently baned  by authority.

The ruined look of this place will give a perfect heritage backdrop for your shoot.

Situated at the center of the city, Gandhi hall is also known as The clock tower of Indore. The rustic charm of this heritage can be a very good option for your pre-wedding shoot. Long dresses for the bride to be and formals for the groom to be will add beauty in your pictures.

The old medical college is near the residency area in Indore. This glorious white-colored building will offer a stunning background for your pre-wedding memories. To bring life in the pictures the girl can wear a beautiful single-colored saree and the boy can wear a formal suit. The good thing about the shoot at this place is you can shoot here in every season the pictures will look equally beautiful.

Imagine you and your partner going together on the road with two small suitcases with a backdrop of beautiful clear sky. Or going on a bike ride with your partner. These pictures you can take near the Ralamandal roads and bypass roads.

20) The Picture Location Indore

If you do not want to go to many locations for your pre-wedding shoot then, Picture Location Indore is the best place for you. It is a place at answer road near Charpai The Dhaba in Indore. Picture Location offers you 50 different and very unique sets for your pre-wedding shoot. It will reduce your time traveling to many places and within a few hours, your shoot can be done.

Charge- 1500/- per hour

21) Yashwant Niwas Road

It is a very good option for the couple who want their pictures to be simple and sweet. Yashwant Niwas road is a very good place filled with many eucalyptus trees and the road is also a very clean place is very calm. You can use some props to make your pictures more creative.


22) Picture Perfect

It is a beautiful location near Indore airport. Best for Maternity and Baby photoshoots. They have beautiful sets for babies. For maternity photoshoots, they have dresses available. Picture Perfect is a value-for-money location. You can reach out to them via Google search. They also have a flower field that is only good at a certain time of year so you should call them and ask if the field has flowers. 

Charge- 2000/- Per Hour

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