The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Shoot To-Do List

So your wedding has been finalized and now is time for the most exciting event: your pre-wedding photoshoot. We don’t want you to miss out on anything important for this special occasion. Therefore, we are providing you with a to-do list for your pre-wedding shoot. We recommend you make a to-do list for your pre-wedding photoshoot yourself and cross off tasks as you go about. Pre-wedding shoots are tedious and having a to-do list will make things easier for you. Crossing off tasks will also make you feel happier and accomplished.  This article will also cover some go-to photoshoot themes and a few tips for the day of the pre-wedding shoot. Don’t forget to read till the end of this article.  Tip: Keep a pen and paper with you and finish making the list with us by the end of this article.  Let’s begin with the to-do list for your pre-wedding photoshoot.  1. Hiring Photographer for your Pre-Wedding Shoot The most important thing while planning for your pre-wedding shoot is hiring a professional photographer. [We at Joseph King Photography provide professional photographers for your wedding and pre-wedding shoots]. 2. Choose Location One of the first things you’ll have to do after […]

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14 Classy Wedding Photography Trends That Will Run 2022

With the gruesome COVID-19 finally subsiding, beautiful brides and handsome bridegrooms are gearing up to return to the lavish pre-COVID wedding era. Now that weddings can be organized without any restrictions, wedding photography is the main focus for 2022. Photography is a great way to capture heartwarming moments in the present which can later be reminisced as beautiful memories of the past. Photography is the key element of any wedding which makes it memorable and interesting. Any wedding is incomplete without a few elegant clicks from a professional photographer. Here are 14 classy wedding photography trends in Indore for 2022 to spice up your wedding.  1. Instagram Worthy Weddings It goes without saying that today’s generation is Instagram’s generation. Be it our first try at Dalgona coffee (which was everyone’s go-to during lockdown) or securing a job at a big firm, Instagram is always the first to be updated about any big (or small) achievement in our life. Now that Instagram is such a big part of our lives, any wedding would be incomplete without an album of Instagram-worthy pictures. For this, the bride and the bridegroom take pictures in color-coded outfits. Not only this, but they also make reels […]

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Finding the best wedding photographer in Indore

Finding the best wedding photographer in Indore for your wedding could be a challenging job but this article is just going to help you do exactly that! 1. Know what you want There are different styles of photography for weddings. The first thing you will have to decide is what kind or style of pictures do you like for your wedding. Best way to get to know what all styles of photography are there is to browse the various social media platform such as Instagram, Pinterest, 500px, etc. Candid photography is very popular nowadays, Traditional style or contemporary style photography be would a must-have option, Balck and White is also a classic choice. You can also check some creative style of photography apart from these there are multiple styles of photography like fine art, aerial, fashion wedding photography, etc. You can check the following link for further information on styles of wedding photography. Once you have a little idea about what style of pictures you want, you can go ahead and find the best photographer in Indore for your wedding.   Candid Photography Traditional or Photojournalism Photography Black and White Photography Aerial Photography 2. Ask around in your circle Once you […]

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