The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Shoot To-Do List

So your wedding has been finalized and now is time for the most exciting event: your pre-wedding photoshoot. We don’t want you to miss out on anything important for this special occasion. Therefore, we are providing you with a to-do list for your pre-wedding shoot. We recommend you make a to-do list for your pre-wedding photoshoot yourself and cross off tasks as you go about. Pre-wedding shoots are tedious and having a to-do list will make things easier for you. Crossing off tasks will also make you feel happier and accomplished.  This article will also cover some go-to photoshoot themes and a few tips for the day of the pre-wedding shoot. Don’t forget to read till the end of this article.  Tip: Keep a pen and paper with you and finish making the list with us by the end of this article.  Let’s begin with the to-do list for your pre-wedding photoshoot.  1. Hiring Photographer for your Pre-Wedding Shoot The most important thing while planning for your pre-wedding shoot is hiring a professional photographer. [We at Joseph King Photography provide professional photographers for your wedding and pre-wedding shoots]. 2. Choose Location One of the first things you’ll have to do after […]

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Best locations for pre-wedding shoot in Indore

Pre weddings are fun. Over the past decade, pre-wedding shoots in India has evolved very much. Before you are caught up in the chaos of your wedding, Pre-wedding shoot is a good time to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera with each other and also with the photographer. While planning the shoot one of the most important things is to choose a good location. A good place provides a beautiful and comfortable environment for the couple and gives a wonderful backdrop also. When choosing a location, the first thing you should consider is that it should be decided together, you and your partner should like that place. It will bring out the relaxed and happy side of you as a couple. If you are looking for the ideal spot for your memorable pre-wedding shoot in Indore, then let us take you to the most amazing pre-wedding locations in Indore… 1) Regional Park It is a very popular and beautiful park in Indore. If You want to shoot near the lake or in lush green, Regional Park can be a perfect place for your pre-wedding shoot. Unique features of this park include- 1)Boating 2)Mist Fountain 3)Lake viewpoint 4)french […]

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