Finding the best wedding photographer in Indore

Finding the best wedding photographer in Indore

Finding the best wedding photographer in Indore for your wedding could be a challenging job but this article is just going to help you do exactly that!

1. Know what you want

There are different styles of photography for weddings. The first thing you will have to decide is what kind or style of pictures do you like for your wedding. Best way to get to know what all styles of photography are there is to browse the various social media platform such as Instagram, Pinterest, 500px, etc. Candid photography is very popular nowadays, Traditional style or contemporary style photography be would a must-have option, Balck and White is also a classic choice. You can also check some creative style of photography apart from these there are multiple styles of photography like fine art, aerial, fashion wedding photography, etc. You can check the following link for further information on styles of wedding photography. Once you have a little idea about what style of pictures you want, you can go ahead and find the best photographer in Indore for your wedding.  

Candid Photography

candid wedding photographer in Indore

Traditional or Photojournalism Photography


Black and White Photography


Aerial Photography


2. Ask around in your circle

Once you decide what style of photography you want for your wedding. You can ask your friends and family if they have any wedding photographers in Indore in their touch. This is one of the best ways to find a photographer for your wedding. 

3. Research online

After getting the names of the best wedding photographers in Indore, you can find their portfolio online. See which photographer’s pictures you like the most. Most of the wedding photographers in Indore will have their portfolio on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I will highly suggest you reach out to only those wedding photographers in Indore whose background you have checked nicely. You can check the following websites to have an idea of their background Wedmegood, Canvera, etc.

4. Plan your budget in advance

Before you reach out to any wedding photographer in Indore you must plan your budget. Planning your budget should be among the first things you must do. The best wedding photographers in Indore can be expensive so you must plan it in advance. 

5. Talk to a couple of photographers

Once you have a rough idea about how much you want to spend on your wedding photography you must speak to at least a couple of wedding photographers in Indore. The best way to reach out to any photographer in Indore is to give them a call. You can find any photographer’s phone number online. Just type their name on google. When you speak to them you must clearly explain to them what is your requirement in detail. You must request them to send your quotation for the same. 

5. Meet the photographer to find out if he will be a perfect fit for you

 Setting up meetings with at least a couple of photographers is a must to understand if they will gel up with you and your family. Each photographer is different. Their temperament and attitude are different. You would like to find someone whose temperament matches with yours. It is important because the photographer you are going to hire is going to be with you and your family for over 2 to 3 days and if you are not on the same page you will really have difficulties dealing with them. You need to hire a photographer who is self-motivated to cover your wedding with great enthusiasm without you telling them.

6. Compare different packages

After meeting the wedding photographer you must compare the different packages. Average wedding photography in Indore could cost from 50,000/- to 500,000/-. 

The following are some Packages to give you an idea about the pricing. 

Basic package

Most Basic packages will include one Traditional Photographer, one Candid Photographer, one Traditional Videographer and one Album of approximately 250 pictures. It would cost somewhere from 30,000/- to 45,000/- per day.

Standard Package

The standard package will include one Traditional Photographer, one Candid Photographer, one Traditional Videographer, one Album of approximately 250 pictures and a Cinematic Videographer. The standard package will cost around 50,000/- to 100,000/- per day.

Premium Package

A premium package could include one Traditional Photographer, one Candid Photographer, one Traditional Videographer, one Album of approximately 250 pictures and 40-50 sheets, Cinematic Videographer, Drone, LED Screen, Carne, HD Mixers, etc. The premium package could cost some where around 85,000/- to 150,000/- per day. 

All these packages could be absolutely customizable. You can discuss with your wedding photographer in Indore your requirement and get a custom package meeting all your needs. 

7. Check the Album and the Videos

It would be a really good idea if you can check some of the photo albums and videos in advance before you move further to book the photographer. You must also discuss what kind of album will you be getting. There are different sizes available for the wedding album, also there are different types of sheets available in the market. You discuss with your Photographer what kind of album and album sheets you want. You can also ask for samples from your photographer. 

8. Know all the expenses in detail

After when you have finalized the photographer you must check if there is any other cost involved in the package. Usually, if the photographer travels around or out of Indore he will ask for travelling, food and stay expenses. Some times wedding photographers in Indore will ask for a room to keep their equipment. You must in advance discuss all this so that there is no confusion between you and the photography.

9. Do your homework and pre-plan everything

For good pictures in your wedding along with your photographer, you are equally responsible. You must discuss every detail of your wedding with your photographer in advance. You can provide a brief list of the shots you would like during your wedding photography. Introduce, in advance, your family member, friends and all the important guests at your wedding whose pictures and videos you want. 

Plan to have some extra time for the couple pictures and solo pictures before or after each of the event. Plan to have at least 30 minutes for the bridal shoot. If you are planning to have a photo booth you should discuss with your photographer in advance for an extra photographer and props and backdrop.

10. Understand the post-production process and timeline in advance

Before you hire the best wedding photographer in Indore you must discuss with him all the post-production processes and delivery time. It is very common for any photographer to delay the delivery of the pictures, album and the videos. Understand what would how much your photographer will take time to deliver the pictures and the videos. 

11. Discuss any other terms and conditions

Discuss any other terms and conditions with the photographer. Some times the photographer may have some terms or conditions about which you will only get to know on the day of the wedding.

All the best for hiring your wedding photographer.

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